Shakti Aerial Yoga Northern Virginia

Shakti Aerial Yoga in Northern Virginia offers a wonderful yoga practice that uses silk hammocks as props for yoga asanas.

Strengthen, stretch, and elongate your spine. Release your stress, anxiety, and tight muscles through our Shakti Aerial Yoga practice. Secure suspension with a hammock gives you
control to release as deep as you would like to go as you fly. You will emerge fully relaxed, realigned, and rejuvenated through our Shakti Aerial Yoga practice.

Shakti aerial yoga studio in Ashburn/Sterling Northern Virginia

The very first studio to offer Aerial yoga in the Reston/Herndon area. Shakti Aerial Yoga in Northern Virginia is a unique practice of asanas, inversions, and meditation. This practice opens a doorway to your inner being, making you stronger from inside out. Neelam believes through this practice students learn to face their fears, love their body, and grow wings to fly. Through Shakti Aerial Yoga practice students, like beautiful butterflies, emerge shedding their long-held preconceived notions about their body, what they Can and can not do, and grow into their wings of new possibilities.

Release your Fears
Realign your spine
Grow your wings

Class Description

1. Shakti Aerial Yoga

Aerial fitness in Reston

Aerial Yoga is a blend of yoga and aerial circus arts, utilizing a silk hammock as a prop to aid the students in surrender during the traditional postures that are difficult to achieve due to physical injuries or emotional fear. Practicing Aerial yoga helps with natural alignment and decompression of the spine and joints.

If you are new to Aerial Yoga please take our Shakti Aerial Yoga Foundations Workshop, it is a requirement.

2. Shakti Aerial Yoga Foundations Workshop

Aerial yoga classes in Reston/Ashburn

Brand new to aerial yoga? This 75 minute session is for you. 
If you are new to aerial yoga this 75 minute workshop is required before taking our Shakti Aerial Yoga classes. It will cover the foundational terminology, wraps, binds, and breathing techniques as we move through the asanas. Learning to place the hammock for correct alignment and how to adjust it for your body. We will cover all safety practices for the best inversion therapy, you will leave feeling wonderfully relaxed and connected.

$59 Includes the Hammock fee, there is an option to purchase you own hammock email the studio for details! Spots are limited. Please wear leggings and a full sleeved t-shirt to your Shakti Aerial Yoga Practice.

Please email us at ( if our foundational class days/times are not possible with your schedule or if you’d prefer a private one-on-one or private group setting we can make arrangements for you.

3. Shakti Aerial Restorative For all levels

Restorative Aerial yoga classes in Northern virginia

Take a pause from your busy life and enjoy the stillness. Bring stillness through meditation breath work and passive restorative poses and merges them in aerial stillness. One of the best class you can do for your Mind Body and Soul.

4. Shakti Aerial Float

aerial float classes in reston/ashburn

Experience deep relaxation in Shakti Aerial Yoga (Float) listening to the sounds of Singing bowls being guided through Yoga Nidra and meditation. A perfect Float to bliss body. .

5. Aerial Hoop 1

Aerial hoop classes in northern virginia

Our new Aerial Hoop classes will cover some of the fundamentals of the apparatus. We will cover safe mounts and dismounts and essential strengthening conditioning exercises; these classes will be a great starting point for all beginners or an opportunity for more experienced students to learn new conditioning techniques. We offer sessions for a continued and progressive learning.
The New 4 week session will begin on 23rd February @6:00pm.

For details Click Here.

6. Fit to fly

fit to fly yoga classes in VA

This is for new to beginner level students. A couple of these sessions are required to move up to our Aerial Hoop classes. This series focuses on conditioning, strength-building, and fundamental techniques in all apparatuses. This a 4-week session that will ready students for moving up to our Aerial Hoop Session.

For details click here.


  • Aerial Yoga Foundations $59
  • 3 class pack $89
  • 6 class Pack $165

Private Session One person

  • $105/class Includes hammock fee

Group up to 5 people

  • $249/class (Includes hammock fee)

Group over 5 people (max 9)

  • $200/class + $40/person 

Customized Private Events

Customized private events are available, please contact us for pricing.

Add On Services

  • Hot stones ($5 per person)
“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
― The Bhagavad Gita

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re just getting started with aerial yoga we highly recommend taking an Aerial Yoga Foundations workshop. This is for your safety and comfort level when you attend other classes on the schedule. You will then be familiar with the techniques, terminology, wraps, and hammock placement.
If you have prior experience with aerial yoga you may be able to bypass the fundamentals workshop. Please call or email us so we can evaluate your experience level.

We recommend you sign up online to guarantee your spot. Choose a class here (place link to schedule). You’ll be directed to our scheduling system, where you can reserve your class. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll be prompted to create one.
For some of our classes we offer both a virtual and in-studio format, please be sure to sign up for the correct format.Is there a weight limit for aerial yoga at the studio?
If you’re reading this, the answer is an emphatic no! For our hammocks the suspension system was designed by a certified mechanical engineer and is designed for physics of tumbling and weight.

If you have a yoga mat, please bring it to your aerial or mat yoga class. Please wear a mask.
To cover the costs of properly sanitizing our hammocks after each use we offer either a hammock rental for $35 a month or the option to purchase your own hammock $99. If you are bringing your own hammock that was not purchased at our studio please let your instructor know so they can evaluate the equipment for safety. Only climbing grade equipment may be used in our studio. Bring water, we do have water for purchase at the studio!

Yes! We think gift cards are perfect for every occasion. You can purchase a gift card from our online store.

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