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Ways to Reclaim your Joy and awaken your sense of wonder

In April 2023 I became a grandma, in May I held my grandbaby! The joy of beholding life is unfathomable, within me arose such wonderful joy and sense of wonder. This moment led to self reflection which led to this blog so I could share a fews ways to reclaim your joy 🥰🥰 💖💗

Ways to Reclaim your joy

Awaken your sense of wonder

Distinguishing between Overlooking and Acknowledging Everyday Magic, Awaken your sense of wonder

It’s easy to miss the enchantment that surrounds us on a daily basis, but it’s a matter of taking a few moments to appreciate it. Take a few moments everyday for yourself to notice the sunlight filtering through the trees, how it dances on your hair and skin with the breeze. Take a few moments to find the silence within and listen to the drumming rhythm of your own heart, listen to the sound of the rain. Notice the sounds around you of birds and insects, maybe lose yourself a bit in observing a few moments in the life of an ant. Take a few moments to notice flowers, forget about naming them, be mesmerized by the saturation of color, shape of petals and their design. Life is full of magic and wonder, if you take the time to notice it. 

World is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W. B. Yeats

Be brave, be boundless

Very often and unknowingly we create boundaries for ourselves, but think of children in playgrounds or in your home. How their curiosity takes them to every nook and cranny of the house or the playground? How do they find places that you never thought they would find (i hope this sentence brought back some memories 😜😜😜😂)? Now think of things that you stop yourself from doing, notice the boundaries you create for yourself, and then really question them! Are they your own creation? Are they created based on conclusions of social, family, & religious norm? Are you binding your joy? Although it’s a difficult conversation, one thing is certain: you are unique, and you only have one life to live. Ultimately, you are accountable only to yourself. Do what makes your heart sing and your eyes sparkle. Reclaim your Joy. There is no right time, time is now.! Embrace the unknown and trust yourself.


Reclaiming the Joyful Moments. In our busy adult lives, laughter is often overlooked. We become consumed by the daily stresses and our laughter is often reduced to a simple “Lol”. However, we must remember the power of a good laugh and how it can bring joy and positivity into our lives. Don’t underestimate the magic of laughter!

Close your eyes and just think of laughing, or visualize someone laughing, notice how the corners of your mouth begin to lift, notice how your eyes soften, notice how light your heart feels. If just a thought of a good laugh can do this to you imagine the power of actual laughter 😜😂.

Join us for our community Laughter yoga class on the 10th of June

“Laughter is wine for the soul – laughter soft, or loud and deep, tinged through with seriousness – the hilarious declaration made by man that life is worth living.”

Sean O’Casey

When was the last time you had a good wholehearted laugh? An uncontrollable laugh?The best part… laughter is contagious, when you smile the world smiles back at you, when you laugh at some level that joy is transmitted as well.Reconnect with joy in your life, allow it to consume you, and spread that bliss to the world with a simple smile or laugh.

Laughter Yoga, community event at Shakti Aerial Yoga, Kilmarnock VA

 Move Your Body

Our bodies are amazing, capable of doing great things.  I love dancing, exercising, practicing yoga amongst other things, but as most of you know I am not in the best shape now.  Here is a brief reminder to you and to myself to Get Moving!It’s easy to let our bodies deteriorate as time goes by. One common excuse for not practicing yoga that I hear from my people in my daily life  is that they are not flexible enough. However, the truth is anyone can begin anytime. It is your own personal journey that has no correlation to images of poses you have seen over the years. Do not compare yourself to others. We just need to stay committed and continue practicing, and we too could become more limber and flexible than where we were when we started on this journey. The key is to get moving and keep your body active! Celebrate International Yoga Day with us on the 21st of June 7:00am and 7:00pm at Kilmarnock Town Center.

International Yoga day celebration at Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock

Love deeply

Reclaim your joy

Yes Love! Love is a feeling within, it is not an attachment or transactional. Love is a feeling that rises within you, when you love a thing, a person, your pets, flowers, it is in that moment that something inside you gives this profound joy, meet it with open arms, savor it as it runs thru your body, energize yourself with it. It is easy to confuse love with “ if he really loved me he would…..” 

Observe this thought for a few moments. At its core this thought is transactional and not of love. Love is giving ; I am doing this out of love with no expectations. That is where Joy lives. This is a much deeper and wider discussion and will be followed up with hopefully more discussions in the upcoming blogs and discussions at the studio.

Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock,Ways to reclaim joy and awaken your sense of wonder

“When you hold a child in your arms, or hug your mother, or your husband, or your friend, if you breathe in and out three times your happiness will be multiplied at least tenfold.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Be joyful, Be love, Be Happy

Love and Light Neelam Kataria

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