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Ways to Cease Comparing Yourself and Begin Appreciating Your Worth

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Stop comparing and begin appreciating your worth by Noticing your inner dialogue,

Do you look at images of yourself of a younger you? Have you noticed your inner dialogue while looking at those images? We draw similar comparisons with ourselves and others frequently. These comparisons have conclusions that lead to thoughts such as there are people all around me who are more talented, thinner, wealthier, happier, nicer, and luckier. You name it and there is someone who’s got more of it or is better at it than me.

It’s common to compare ourselves to others and feel like we fall short in some way. However, it’s important to remember that everyone is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of focusing on what we lack, we can choose to appreciate and build on our own qualities and accomplishments. It’s also helpful to practice self-compassion and remind ourselves that we are deserving of love and acceptance just as we are.

Have you ever felt that way?

Comparing ourselves with others is common, even though it can be demoralizing and unhelpful. This behavior may become automatic over time.

Why do we do such fruitless, wasteful activity? Do we think it will motivate us? Has comparison ever done anything for you?

Comparison is the death of Joy ~ Mark Twain

Let’s avoid measuring our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others. When you think about it, your wealth, your value, your status had nothing to do with anyone else. Really ponder over it. Doing a mental comparison does not change anything.

Here are a few ways to cease comparing yourself and appreciate your worth

Celebrate your Uniqueness:

Accepting Myself for Who I Am
I am who I am, and that is my present reality. I make the choice to appreciate myself just as I am, and to evaluate my self-worth based on my distinct individuality and uniqueness. We are all unique individuals. Next time you find yourself comparing yourself remind yourself, “I am unique, I am proud of me.” This statement needs to sink in to inner being afterall we have been comparing almost all of our lives. Comparisons are irrelevant and wasteful of your sacred energy.

Shift Your Perspective

When we place ourselves in the equation of comparison we place our focus and attention on what they have that we don’t. When this feeling begins to arise, move your attention to what you have, what you have accomplished with your uniqueness, that makes you feel good. It has no relationship with the other person, nor in any way you are trying to “one up” them in your mind. It is a simple exercise of shifting your perspective, to bring to your awareness all that is good in your life and nourish your inner joy.

Let’s celebrate

Yess! Every thought that arises in us is because we choose it! Let’s choose to move away from devaluing ourselves, choose to move away from feeling bad about ourselves. Move away from devaluing ourselves and others. Celebrate who we are and where we are in our life now. Appreciate good qualities in people, compliment when something speaks to your inner being. Let’s find good in everyone including ourselves, let’s celebrate what makes us and other’s unique. Let’s celebrate our own stories, our differences, our uniqueness. We are all different and unique and have our own special way of contributing to the world we live in.

“Yoga is not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.” – Unknown

@shaktiaerialyoga we emphasize the need to let go of comparison. I was a competitive athlete growing up, and one of my big aha moments was the realization that comparing my running time or my physique to another athlete was only good till another better athlete came. It became clear to me that Comparison is illusory, it takes our energies/focus outwards and spends our sacred energy uselessly. The only thing you control is yourself, therefore being a better version of yourself, keeping your energies on you is the best most optimal way to be. @shaktiaerialyoga we believe that you are your own universe, look inward and find your own magic, your own power, your Shakti.

How can you celebrate your uniqueness and embrace yourself, flaws and all, with a small action today?

Love and Light


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