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Simple Ways to Share Hope and Joy Through Your Words

Simple Ways to Share Hope and Joy Through Your Words

In a very materialistic world I believe sharing hope and joy through words is one of the most powerful way. Recently a simple card with wonderful thoughtful words lifted my heart ❤️ to joy and hope.

Ola and I celebrated 6 months of creating a sacred space for our community, with our members. It was a gorgeous sunny day, the weather was perfect and we got to spend some time with our members.

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I have had the honor of offering Dance, movement, and yoga to women in NOVA. Needless to say, Kilmarnock is a very unique place. Ola and I are working to understand the rhythm of the place, flow, and dance to its beat. We have had unique challenges, out of which there has been learning as well as frustrations. As we are human, the failures and rejections take top spot in our mental space, fear and doubt creep in. On the day of our get together I was not in a good place emotionally as I was dealing with my mom’s health, and my need to understand the why and how “to be successful” was taking precedence over everything.

One of our members Caroline Shifflett had wonderful tea to share and a beautiful card. Reading the card gave me life and newfound purpose.

Connecting Through Shared Emotional Pain

We all share common emotional pain points such as insecurity, self-doubt, and fear of not fitting in. Despite our outward differences, we all experience the same emotional pain. While some may try to conceal it with anger or insensitivity, a few are able to express their pain in a healthy way. At the end of the day, what we all desire is to belong to a group and feel truly accepted. Whether it’s financial struggles, relationship problems, or body insecurities, focus on the indirect emotional connection with others to lessen feelings of loneliness. Remember, you are not alone in experiencing this pain, as it is a shared human experience.

“You will never forget a person who came to you with a torch in the dark.”~M. Rose
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The Power of a Moment

It’s impossible to predict how someone may be affected by something you say or do. Even if a person appears fine on the outside, they may be struggling. I was struggling and it being so personal I could not share it with anyone. My internal conversation were heavy and soul sucking. I know I am not the only one who goes through such moments. In my moments of darkness Caroline’s words reached out with shining light to banish my doubts. It was the power of her words 💖

I am writing this blog to remind you of your powers, your Shakti and simple ways you can share hope and Joy through your Words.

Words from Caroline echoed what Ola and I visualized for our Sacred space to be. Where a woman can revel in her wisdom, nurture her inner child, let go of her inhibitions and be empowered.
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Your words hold so much power

Be that random light in someone’s life to pay a compliment. Do not be superficial, however do not hold yourself back when you feel a compliments arise within.

When you feel the need to drop in a note of kindness or gratitude, do it. It is a flow of energy let it flow. Your simple gesture can have a profound impact

If you feel the urge to reach out to someone and say a kind word, don’t hold back. Kindness is never wasted. In fact, it can multiply and scatter like a ray of light. You may be that little bit of light that keeps someone from staying too long in the dark.

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Love and Light


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