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A delicious gentle yoga with emphasis on spinal movement and breath

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Join Us For A FREE In Person Mat yoga class at shakti aerial yoga, kilmarnock

Nourish your mind Body and soul

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Gentle yoga with focus on spine - accessible to all fitness levels

Slow paced movement that flows with breath

incorporates delicious stretches

I took this Spinal Flow yoga class because I have lower back problems and thought this would help. Neela is very kind and explains the movements thoroughly. As always in yoga, you push your body as far as it can go that day without creating any undue discomfort. We also worked on breathing with the movements. The breath is very important. I would definitely recommend this class to beginners as well as experienced yoga students.



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time - @5:30pm - 6:30 pm

Nurture your spine and deepen your breath with Gentle mat yoga