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We are so excited to begin our Mat yoga practice with focus on spine.

” We are only as young or as old as our spine.”

Science of yoga places a great importance on the health of one’s spine. The Sanskrit word for the spine is “Merudand”.
Merudand is an important aspect of yoga because it helps us to understand the connection between our physical body and our spiritual self. Understanding its importance in yoga practice helps us to become more mindful of our alignment and posture, which is essential in yoga. Think of spine as the main trunk of a tree, and how important it is to the health of the tree. By understanding the importance of merudand in yoga, we can deepen our practice and create a deeper connection between our physical and spiritual self.

Shakti Spinal Flow, mat yoga classes, special offer 4 mat yoga classes for $59
Begin your yoga practice with special offer

Shakti Spinal Flow

This class will connect you to your center, your spine in delicious luscious yoga flow of the spine. Breath and movement that will run thru the center of your being leaving you energized and relaxed at the same time.
Open to all levels, Claim your offer here

Shakti Shimmy

Make it a girls’ night out

3rd March @6:30pm

Get in touch with your inner goddess. There is something so liberating about allowing our hips to move, our bellies to jiggle, giving our body permission to move with the music in an unrestricted way. Belly dance, an ancient art form is not only fun to learn but is a great form of releasing held tension in hips & belly. This workshop is designed for beginners, you will explore basic movements in a fun and embracing environment, among other like minded women.
Wear comfortable clothes, bring a scarve to wrap around your hips, you can wear socks or go barefoot.

Shakti Aerial Yoga – Kids Series

Introducing Aerial Yoga for kids at Shakti

Shakti Aerial Yoga for kids 4 week series is designed for kids between the ages of 7 to 10. The series are designed to bring focus, creativity, with a touch of acrobatics. The classes are 45 minutes. Parents will need to sign the waiver.

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