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Do you set New Year Resolutions? Do You set goals every year? Or are you a vision board person?? Try something new…

Importance of setting intention| New Year 2024

Contemplating the Cosmic Dance of Life

As I stand amidst the vast and beautiful universe, I am but a small traveler who has journeyed through 52 seasons of life. Over the years, I have made zealous resolutions for the New Year, hoping to weave a brighter tapestry of my being. However, today I encourage you to consider a new perspective on life’s journey. It can be daunting to reflect on a year and resolve to change make new goals, and set resolutions. Let us strive to be better than our former selves, for self-improvement is a lifelong quest. Each step we take on our journey is a wondrous opportunity for transformation. It’s common knowledge that setting goals and resolutions requires deadlines. However, failing to meet these deadlines can leave us feeling like a failure and begin a spiral of negative self-talk. This, in turn, can lead to our efforts backfiring.

The Power of Intention: A Deeper Approach to transformation

If you have taken any of my Yoga Nidra sessions, you might have gone through the process of β€œIntention Setting.” Setting an intention goes beyond simple goal-setting. It has a profound effect on our identities and lifestyles, and can create meaningful shifts in our lives. Intention setting, β€œSankalpa” has immense significance in Yogic Sciences. Sankalpa, the Sanskrit term for “intention,” is a traditional yogic practice that is more akin to prayer and surrender than setting a goal or a resolution, like a New Year’s resolution. Instead of establishing a relative objective like “shedding 10 pounds,” the aim is to delve into the root of the desire to lose weight (or any other change you are seeking) and determine what is truly important to you. This is often something more profound and universal, such as the desire to “feel healthy, happy, and free.” This is your Heart’s Intention Statement, or Sankalpa!

Goal setting and power of intention| Listen to your hearts Intention! Setting intention| Shakti Aerial Yoga

Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires

The Key is to have an internal self reflection, taking some alone quiet time to listen to your heart’s desire and NOT THE MIND CHATTER. Discovering your Heart’s Intention Statement is the first step to realizing your desires. Speak the truth to yourself out loud and in your mind at least three times a day. For example: “I am healthy, happy, and free in every moment.” Once you have stated your intention, release it. Allowing yourself to step out of the way and surrendering your intention to the greater forces within yourself and the universe will help bring it to fruition. The beauty of intention is that it works on you, not the other way around. There is no need to set a deadline, as your intention will come to fruition when the timing is perfect. Trust in the process, state it, release it, and allow the universe to guide you towards it. Intention has a more profound impact than goal setting and leaves a lasting impression. Embrace the great mystery of intention.

Listen to your Heart

When you’re looking to make a change in your life or seeking inner wisdom, try resting your hands on your heart and listen to what it has to say. There could be something underlying your primary desire. Take some time to reflect on your heart’s message.

From your heart’s wisdom, create an intention statement that uses positive language and present tense. Here’s an example:
“I am complete and whole just as I am.” Recite your ‘Heart’s Intention Statement’ silently or out loud three or more times throughout the day. If you keep journals I highly recommend writing your intention and release them to the universe.

Dance and align with Cosmic energy with me

Our Moon Mystics journey commences this year, and we’re excited to invite you to join us. To begin the deep dive intention setting and manifesting your heart’s desire, the most potent day is on the New Moon. We’d like to invite you to our first Moon Mystical Gathering on the 12th at 5:30 pm, held at our new location in Burgess. Don’t forget to register beforehand.

See you soon! Classes begin 9th of January

Love and light


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