Amazing benefits of Shakti Aerial Yoga!

How beneficial is Shakti Aerial Yoga?

Read benefits of Shakti Aerial Yoga and how its practice affected Julie, our Shakti Goddess

Meet Julie our Shakti Goddess 😍😍

I began aerial yoga classes in March at Shakti. I was attending once a week and it quickly became my new favorite thing. Not only was it a lot of fun but I was also leaving each class feeling amazing! The “aerial” aspect is definitely what attracted me initially. I struggle with back muscle pain and I have a slowly degenerating scoliosis (curvature) of the spine that’s been categorized as severe. I was in need of a way to get my body into deep stretches especially through my torso, and still need a lot of core strengthening. The aerial inversions at Shakti looked like something my body was craving. It’s been a great thing for me! I now attend twice a week as frequently as possible. I’m much stronger than when I first started. I’m doing things I could not do at all when I began and I’m overall holding all of my poses longer.

The class has presented benefits beyond physical. Being in such a calm and relaxed environment with time to focus on oneself and block out everything around you is great for stress management! I also find the breathing and relaxing stretches I’ve learned to be something I reach for at home when I need to feel recentered.

Benefits of Shakti Aerial Yoga practice. Meet Julie, and how aerial yoga has helped her.

The unexpected benefit however was a slight change in my spine. I started wearing a back brace at age 9 and wore it till I was 16. At this time I had an approximate 3” loss in my overall height due to my curve. I was advised to have a spinal fusion at that time, but ultimately it was decided against it and my curvature did remain stable for a while.
I started losing height and gaining curvature again in my early 30’s. Now at 48, I am facing a lot of the things we all face as we age. Stiffness, soreness and aches and pains. Aerial Yoga has helped me get some relief in this department AND I have actually gained a half an inch in height since beginning! Something some medical professionals might think is impossible for someone in my situation!! Such an unexpected surprise! A half an inch is a big deal and a huge encouragement to keep working hard and getting stronger. I am so thankful that I took a chance and tried an aerial yoga class at Shakti Yoga!
-Julie Jarvis

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