Full Moon Ritual and celebration

Happy Full Moon! Super Moon Day

It’s a full moon day y’all and a Super moon 🌝

Full moon is a perfect time for self reflection, self development, and healing. Here are a few ways to begin your own observance and honor the powerful energy of full moon.

What is a Supermoon?

Let’s take a few minutes to understand this phenomenon. This natural wonder happens when a full moon coincides with the closest point of the moon to Earth in its monthly orbit. Although not exclusively astrological, super moons are a sight to behold due to their grander and brighter appearance in the night sky
Full Moon is a perfect time to let go of all that has not served you well, express gratitude for all your blessings AND bring awareness to all that you want to invite into your life.

Happy Full Moon Day! It's A Supermoon | Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock VA

Tapping into the Abundance of the Supermoon with a Simple Ritual. According to many spiritual practices, the supermoon’s greatest blessing is its ability to signify abundance, be it love, wisdom, luck, happiness, or anything else you’re seeking. However, accessing this abundance requires letting go of anything that’s not serving you right now. That’s where this small but handy ritual comes in.

Try this simple full moon ritual

Try this tonight:

🌕 First, write down everything you’re ready to release. Say a little prayer to your preferred higher power, asking for assistance in releasing these things that no longer serve you. 🌕 Be grateful for the lessons and gifts these experiences have brought you, then release and burn the paper.
🌕 Next, write down everything you want to attract into your life. Hold it close to your heart and visualize it as if it has already happened.
🌕 Once again, say a little prayer to your preferred higher power, asking for guidance and assistance. Store the paper in a safe, sacred place, and revisit it every couple of weeks to be amazed by the things that come your way.

Moon Ritual how do you celebrate full moon.

Harness the Energy of the Supermoon with Your Crystal Collection

Don’t miss out on the power of the supermoon’s light! It’s simple: place your stone collection outside under the moonlight, or inside where it’s shining, overnight. Share with others that they’ll absorb the energy of the supermoon. Then, bring the stones back inside or out of the light just before dawn. See the difference in your stones’ energy after being charged by the supermoon!

Benefits of basking in moonlight

The vibrant white light of the supermoon has a purifying effect on the mind, body, and spirit. Think of it as a soothing bath without water. Simply take a stroll in the moonlight, preferably with some skin exposed to the light. Gaze up at the brilliance of the moon for as long as possible, soaking up its energy and love. Pay attention to the sensations in your body and the messages the moon may be illuminating within you. This moon bath, steeping your body and spirit in purifying light, will wash away negativity, leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

Take your moon bathing to the next level by turning it into an all-night event. If the weather permits, bring a sleeping bag or blanket and set it up under the sparkling stars and the glowing full moon. Take the time to bask in the light, meditate or pray, and let the peace and beauty of the moon soak into your body and soul as you sleep. You’ll wake up feeling energized and revitalized.

Our #shaktimoonmystics will be back on schedule with very special focus on moving through our chakras and cleansing energy field though dance, movement, and sound healing.

Love and Light

Neelam Kataria

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