Etiquettes and Policies


1. Be Timely

Arrive at least 10 minutes before class to prepare and settle. Leaving class early is strongly discouraged. New students please arrive 15 minutes before class for studio tour and registration
confirmation. Late entry is not permitted. Bring a Yoga Mat and water bottle with you. Some classes require knee pads too. We do sell them at the studio.

2.Be Respectful
Respect the practice of class opening meditation and intention setting before and after a class. Be respectful of your fellow yogis, be aware of your energy and vibration.
3.Be Mindful
Perfumes, colognes, scented body lotions, oils etc can be very distracting and for some students a health concern. Please refrain from generous usage. Keep your space organized, required props needed should be neatly placed in your space. Food or drink other than water is strictly prohibited.


Class Registration & Attendance:

Pre-registration is required for any & all classes you wish to attend. Clients who pre-register are given first priority on attendance; many of our classes have limited space and we will rarely have space for walk-in clients. Classes are available for registration one month in advance of
the class day & time. Please note: classes with three (3) or less clients signed up 24 hours prior to class time are subject to cancellation at management’s discretion. Please register in advance to assist us with managing our convenient schedule and small class sizes! Attendance in our introductory classes are strictly monitored for safety & liability reasons. First-time Aerial students and yoga MUST first attend the corresponding introduction/foundation class or new client series. As a new student you will not be admitted to any other aerial class until this is completed.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final. In the event a class is missed due to illness, injury or other emergency – please contact management directly at to discuss rescheduling your class. Expiration date extensions will not be granted, unless due to extreme emergency – expiration date forgiveness may be granted on a case-by-case basis. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the expiration date of classes & class packages as some special offers may have a shorter expiration date than normal class packages.

Late Cancel/No-Show Policy:
Shakti offers a hassle-free class cancellation policy up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to class time, please note this is only applicable to our regular 60 minute classes. Enrollments/session based classes/ speciality classes/ and workshops require a 14 day cancellation policy. Any pre- paid class credits will then be placed back onto your account for future use. All cancellations less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the class will be considered a “late cancel”. Clients who register for a class but do not attend will be considered a “no show“. Cancellation Policies for Session base enrollments/ speciality classes/workshops 14 day cancellation is required for Session based enrollments/ speciality classes and workshops. For both “Late cancel” and “no show” events, the following will occur: Clients using a drop-in class credit will lose their prepaid credit. Students using a class package or memberships will have a class credit removed from their current classes. No Show Clients will be charged an extra $15. As we open from COVID 19 we all need to be mindful of everyone’s needs. Students must settle any negative balances prior to attending any future classes. Thank you in advance for your consideration – your understanding of our policies allows us to continue to offer you our quality classes at affordable prices! Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the management only.
Using the Waitlist Option:
For your convenience, we offer a “waitlist” option for classes that are full. Clients on the waitlist may be added to class up to 2 hours before class time, in the event of any late cancelations from other registered members. Notifications will be made via scheduling software; clients should “opt-in” for auto-emails & class reminders from their scheduling software accounts, we also recommend checking the push notifications so as to be alerted on your smart devices to receive such notifications. Please keep in mind that signing up for the waitlist is considered committing to attend the class. Clients who are added from the waitlist to class are then held to standard attendance policies, even if added to class outside of the early cancelation window. Therefore, late cancel/no shows may apply if the client no longer wishes to attend class after being moved from the waitlist to the class registration. If a client is NOT moved from the waitlist to the class registration, no penalties will occur.
Privacy & Class Conduct:
Safety and comfort are of utmost priority at Shakti. Clients are expected to be respectful and attentive in classes. Exercises should be limited to those directed by your instructor. Students who chose to attempt exercises outside those being taught in class may be asked to leave class with no refunds. We ask that cell phones be turned off or placed on silent during class to avoid disruptions. Please keep conversations with classmates to a minimum. While we love that you are excited to see your friends in class, loud conversations are disruptive to your other classmates and may cause you to miss important instruction or exercise cues from your instructor! Video and photos are not permitted during class. After class is completed, if there is time prior to the next class, your instructor may allow you to take photos or videos if you wish. Please keep in mind that your classmates may not want to be in your photo or video – it is important to ask them first or to ensure your image does not contain others in it. Many of our classes simply require yoga pants & a t-shirt. Minimum attire for classes is shorts and sports bra EXCEPT FOR aerial classes – tshirts that cover the armpits and leggings are required for class participation. All intimate body parts must be covered at all times. If at any time you feel uncomfortable in class, for any reason, please let your instructor know immediately or contact us after class by email or phone.
Private Party Bookings & Deposits:

In order to reserve your preferred date and time for a private party, we require a non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied towards the reserving the desired date/day/ and time of your choice. Any other outstanding balances must be paid the day of your private event upon arrival at the studio. Please visit our PARTY BOOKING page for more details.
PLEASE NOTE: party deposits are non-refundable. We will always attempt to accommodate rescheduling the time of your party within the same day, depending on availability, with no penalty. Due to the popularity of our private parties, a $25 rescheduling fee will be required to move your event to a different date. Any private party cancellations will lose the deposit.
Exceptions to this policy may be made due to extenuating circumstances at the sole discretion of the studio management.

– Bring your vaccination card with you or wear a mask for our In-Studio classes.

Inclement Weather Policy:

At any time, the studio may chose to cancel classes in the case of inclement weather/dangerous travel conditions. Should the weather forecast be calling for potentially hazardous conditions, the studio will send out an e-mail and post on social media sites as early as possible to alert
students to the possibility of a cancellation. Once alerted, we will endeavor to make the call and communicate cancellations a minimum of 2 hours before the posted start time of the class. The primary method of communication with clients is by email – it is the responsibility of the client to ensure a valid email is on their account and they have “opted-in” for studio & class notifications. Clients can also monitor our social media pages for up-to-date notifications: Facebook Instagram

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