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Deeper connection to our sensuality has a profound impact on our well being

Connect to your sensuality for your Well being

Sensuality is a potent life force that resides within each of us. When recognized for what it is, we can harness it to create deeper connections with ourselves and others, and as a gateway to unleash greater creativity and confidence. Sensual Shakti Series is designed to rekindle and enhance our relationship with our sensual selves.

Sensual Shakti Series| Pole Dance class Kilmarnock

Majority of our daily activities revolve around what we eat, what we wear, where we work, and how we move. However, when was the last time you paid attention to your sensual side? Oddly enough, this aspect of our lives is often overlooked when it comes to living a fulfilling and well-balanced life. But why should it be?

Over the years misleading cultural and social norms have shaped women’s perception of sensuality that have led to either judging or negating this innate aspect of our being. The belief that sensuality is only meaningful when tied to someone else is untrue. We must acknowledge the concept of creating sensuality for ourselves and with ourselves. Sensuality is a form of pleasure, akin to enjoying a sumptuous meal, listening to a favorite tune, or basking under the sun on a tropical beach. It’s entirely natural and crucial to our well-being.

Deeper connection to Sensuality is important for your well being.

Embrace Sensuality as a Life Force to Cultivate Greater Connection and Creativity

A great quote by Rumi sums it up, “Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved: she is creative, not created.” ~ Rumi

The Benefits of Embracing Sensuality for Your Physical and Emotional Wellness

Sensual activities can play a significant role in promoting your overall physical and emotional well-being. It can boost your self-esteem, lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and others, and intensify both emotional and physical pleasures. Embracing sensuality means indulging in all your senses, such as taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing. It’s not always about intimacy or sexuality, but it can be a potent tool for healing. Whether practiced alone or with others, embracing sensuality can improve your life in countless ways.

The Role of Sensuality in Health and Well-Being

For many individuals, sensual activity is a critical component of their overall health and wellness. Engaging in sensual experiences can cultivate a deeper connection with both oneself and others, while also providing emotional and physical pleasure. Sensuality can be experienced in a variety of ways, including the enjoyment of all senses such as taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. It can be a powerful healing modality, regardless of whether it is experienced alone or with others, and it is not necessarily linked to intimacy or sexuality.

Life is sensual, we are all sensual beings. Sensuality is a way of engaging in pleasure, which may include being in nature, listening to music, wearing perfume, eating chocolate, enjoying delicious meals, sunbathing, taking baths or showers, getting massages, nurturing one’s body with body lotion, dancing, reading sensual books, dressing beautifully, kissing, hugging, and lovemaking. Sensuality enriches the soul as much as it enriches the body and mind. At Shakti it is our mission to guide you to a deeper connection of your mind body and soul, and Shakti Sensual Series is one of our movement modalities to bring you closer to yourself.

Being sensual is a powerful life force

Being sensual is a powerful life force that helps create a deeper connection with both ourselves and others. It’s about allowing “feel-good time.” If you’re able to engage in sensual behaviors on a regular basis, it can permeate many aspects of your life by making you feel more alive, confident, playful, and less stressed and depressed.

Being sensual is empowering.

Being sensual is empowering, If you’re engaging in sensual activities by yourself, chances are that when the time comes to be sensual with others—whether on an intimate or sexual level—it will come more naturally. Sensuality is an important part of intimacy and sexuality, but as mentioned above, it’s not necessarily connected. Dancing socially or by yourself in a safe space is an excellent way to encourage exploration of your sensuality. It is amplified by music, vibration that resonates with you, and touch.

Sensual Connection in Daily Life

Fantastic way to connect to our sensual side; Journaling. If we each make an effort every day to journal about what we’re hearing, smelling, seeing, and tasting, it can provide a window of opportunity to get in touch with our senses and to understand which ones we need to tap into more readily. Being sensitive to our environment involves paying attention with all of our senses, which is the root of true sensuality, and no doubt sensuality within yourself and others can be healing. Journaling is highly encouraged in all our classes at Shakti Including Sensual Shakti Series.

I will leave you here with a self enquiry, or a writing prompt for your journal;

What is stopping you from exploring your sensuality?

Love and Light

Neelam Kataria

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