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The Importance of New Moon

In some cultures, the new moon is also associated with renewal and purification. For example, in Yogic culture, the new moon is considered an auspicious time for performing spiritual practices and making offerings to the gods. Similarly, in some Native American traditions, the new moon is seen as a time for cleansing and releasing negative energy.

Stretching and building mobility is key to living pain free. Shakti Aerial Yoga in Kilmarnock offers a stretch class designed for every body.

Importance of Stretching

Has your doctor or chiropractor emphasized the importance of stretching πŸ™† in your daily life? Stretching may seem like an activity that is only necessary for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, but the truth is that everyone should be incorporating stretching into their daily routine

Ways To reclaim your Joy| Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock

Ways to Reclaim your Joy and awaken your sense of wonder

The joy of beholding life is unfathomable, within me arose such beautiful blessings for my grandchild. This moment led to self reflection which led to this blog so I could share a fews ways to reclaim your joy πŸ₯°πŸ₯° πŸ’–πŸ’—

Awaken your sense of wonder

Distinguishing between Overlooking and Acknowledging Everyday Magic, Awaken your sense of wonder

It’s easy to miss the enchantment that surrounds us on a daily basis, but it’s a matter of taking a few moments to appreciate it.

7 tips for healthy happy spring| Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock VA

Its Spring time

7 TIPS FOR A HAPPY HEALTHY SPRING Tips for Healthy happy spring, At Shakti we are welcoming spring like a long lost friend, coming out of cold dark months to light all around, warmth of the sun on our skin and smell of flowers. Springtime is a time when our bodies are assimilating to this …

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