4 Amazing Benefits of Shakti Aerial Yoga

We all know that yoga does wonders for our mind and body but did you know that Shakti Aerial Yoga is no exception and has amazing benefits. It is a fun unique alternative to more traditional workouts that offers some unexpected perks.

Here are 4 amazing benefits of shakti aerial yoga:

Helps relieve back issues
If you have looked at some of Shakti aerial yoga images you might think .Really? For back issues it is not much so in holding flexible poses. It is more so in the inversion and hanging upside down. The silk hammock provides a perfect support while holding you in place. This hold along with the gravitational forces of mother earth provides a perfect traction. Benefit of Aerial yoga is that it provides an opportunity to hang freely with the support of a silk hammock. Inversions allow temporary decompression in your spine. Minimizing the effects of gravity pulling down on your vertebrate while executing your yoga moves can help lengthen your ligaments and offer some relief of hip pain and back tension. We have had great feedback from clients who have back issues such as for scoliosis, a herniated disc or back spasms. However, if you have serious spinal issues, glaucoma or any type of heart issue, be sure to check with your doctor before trying any new exercise routine.

Aids digestion

It is a well known fact that practicing yoga not only helps regulate stress and anxiety, it also aids digestion. Yup!! if you are feeling bloated and  or backed up, yoga and aerial yoga have been proven to relieve you of these symptoms. Practicing yoga and aerial yoga take you through twists, these twists massage your intestines and digestive track. Twists are awesome for detoxifying, cleansing, and elimination of waste. Compression also referred in aerial yoga classes as binds of your transverse and descending colon, with poses like pressing one or both knees to your chest in the hammock, helps to stimulate blood flow and move toxins and build up through your digestive track.

Improves memory

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and adapt itself to new uses and experiences. Our brain, like any other muscle in our body needs exercise and variety to maximize its strength and flexibility. Activating different sections of your brain is similar to changing up your strength exercises to avoid neglecting smaller or more obscure muscle groups. This  is the key to reinforcing neural connections and keeping your brain in strong and healthy.

Benefit of Aerial Yoga is that Aerial Yoga naturally stimulates your brain , it is an unexpected activity with unusual moves that requires the brain to adapt and deal with these new moves. Aerial hammock challenges balancing, strengthening and our ability to focus. Yoga is at its core about rewiring your reactions and perceptions, so remember what you are feeling is just as important as what your body is doing. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, but that’s what makes it good!

Improves Flexibility
The support of the silk hammock in aerial yoga allows for more freedom of movement. It can  lead to the ability to shift your body into new and deeper positions safely. Binds and holds with the assistance of the silk hammock helps release facia as well as release built up Lymphatic fluids.

Did we mention the fun bonus of aerial yoga practice?? A temporary glow in your skin from fresh, oxygenated blood circulating through your system, or just a byproduct of the awesome fun you had that didn’t even feel like a workout.  Either way, we like it!
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