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Its Spring time


7 tips for a happy healthy spring| Shakti Aerial Yoga Kilmarnock

Tips for Healthy happy spring, At Shakti we are welcoming spring like a long lost friend, coming out of cold dark months to light all around, warmth of the sun on our skin and smell of flowers. Springtime is a time when our bodies are assimilating to this change. Here are 7 tips for a healthy happy spring!

  1. Go outside more: take nice long walks in the park. Hug a tree 🙂 take in details of flowers without naming the. Walking is excellent way to decongest the liver. Walking is rhythmic activity, and brings about a calm.
  2. Hydrate: drink room temperature water recommended in ayurveda all day long.
  3. Cleanse: we all do physical space cleaning in springtime, however it is a fantastic time to do an internal cleanse as well. Eat lighter, focus of vegetables and fruits, and drink nettle and dandelion tea. Include journaling to your daily routine, journaling is an excellent way to cleanse our mind and heart.
  4. Spring corresponds to wood element, laughter helps your inner wood element to balance and harmonize your inner being. So laugh laugh laugh a lot! May be we will bring laugh yoga 😀
  5. Avoid or cut down on alcohol, this will provide your liver a chance to renew and cleanse.
  6. LET GO; in springtime it is even more important. It is time to renew, holding on to past and stressful situation holds back the renewal process.
  7. FORGIVE, it is a magical remedy! Forgiveness 99% times is more beneficial to you than to the person being forgiven. Take time to ponder if you need to forgive yourself as well.

Join our moon mystics circle at Shakti Aerial Yoga especially to learn about letting go, forgiveness, and bringing gratitude to our daily life!

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